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August 8th, 2000

I love my ISP!

Okay, when was the last time you could say that with a clear conscience? For me, it was January 1999. Since then, I’ve had consistent connection problems.

Curious, how many of you love your ISP? Any problems? Big ones, little ones? -pm

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Elizabeth New Jersey May 22, 2007, 8:48 pm

Georges Towing in Elizabeth has shady people working for them, I live in a complex and mind you I have to pay for my garage. My fiance’ was getting ready to take the kids to school, he thought he would be nice and pull my car out of the garage, as i was walking around the building he started to meet me to hand me my keys, mean while George Towing came in and started to attach while i was yelling at him that i was coming he decided to say oh sorry it’s already hooked. Of course if was hook you ignored me. After fighting with him he charged me $80 for a tow that he didn’t even take. His reason was i was blocking a garage, ok my own GARGAGE. Needless to say tower are greedy people and will do anything for a buck. I am in the process of talking to my landord of the complex because what Georges Towing does is wrong especially when your a hard working person. This is an illegal tow, even police officer’s beap there horns and give the person a minute or two to get to the car, i was not even 2 minute away from my vehicle. If anyone had any info on how else i can fight this, your services are greatly appreciated.

Thank you
New jerser

Shirley Ann Kurz April 9, 2009, 5:30 pm

I accidently backed into my neighbors car and thought there was no damage. the next day i gave the neighbors my insurance onfo that was up to date. i went to see my sister 3 days later and after 5 days the morrison colorado police came and towed my car out of my driveway. i went to the police station and found out they had put a warrent out for my arrest so i went to jail for 22 days meanwhile the police put a hold on my car would not let friends or family pick it up. the judge said they should not have done that so now i don’t know what to do to get my car back. help me please…

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