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August 30th, 2000

The Miracle Liquids

A number of years ago, I used the product Simple Green for the first time. It seemed to clean everything: my desk, my floor, my car’s engine bay, my garage… you name it, Simple Green was up to the task. I shortly dubbed it the first Miracle Liquid – a liquid no household should be without.

Since then, there have been other notable additions to the list. Here’s what you need.

Goo Gone. This stuff is amazing. It removes what’s left of stickers from just about any object you can think of. As a bonus, it gets the remnants of dealer stickers off of car trunks too, without harming the paint.

Evercare Wrinkle Eraser. Yep, this works. Spray it on a wrinkled shirt, spread the shirt out, and the wrinkles go bye-bye. No iron, less time. Ultra handy in a pinch.

WD-40. It lubricates, it loosens, it greases. Machinery.

Orange Clean. If you’re not big on Simple Green, the Orange Clean line works just as well – plus, your floor will smell like an orange grove.

I have yet to find a cleaner you can drink without getting poisoned, though. I think that something that would wash the dishes, clean the floor, degrease an engine bay, and serve on the rocks with a twist of lime would be fantastic. But not Fantastik. -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday August 29, 2000 -- 11:39:19PM
WD-40 is a staple in most American households, I have solved countless problems with a spray of it for many a years. As far as the other products you have mentioned, they all sound great. I may have to get some Goo Gone someday if I have a sticker phase that gets out of hand.

FROM: Terry Murphy
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 1:54:56AM
Goo-Gone is the best. Yep, it can remove any sticky stuff from anywhere.

My favorite chemical cleaner, however, is aersol compressed air. If life offers a better pleasure than blowing cakes of dust out of an antiquated electronic device, I'm not aware of it.

Now, if only somebody could create a chemical which would remove the yellow fading from plastic! (Or is that one called "paint"?)

FROM: Tony
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 5:42:25AM
Ive always used muratic acid, I know it sounds odd, but when properly dilluted, it can clean ..... anything.

-Tony (

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 7:22:35AM
Compressed air! Technically it's a liquid, too. I think that deserves to be added to the list.

Never tried muratic acid.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 8:44:53AM
This is more of a foam than a liquid, but Resolve carpet cleaner is something that I use all the time. It can take out any stain from any fabric in minutes. I have beige-white carpet at the Old Fezz pad and Resolve has taken out every stain that has been smudged on it.
-Old Fezz

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 11:00:53AM
Where can one buy Goo Gone? I'd love to try this stuff out...

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 1:01:15PM
The Container Store, of course. I believe it's also available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday August 30, 2000 -- 5:49:40PM
Liquor is quicker.

FROM: John
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 10:04:27PM
Where would the human race be without pee?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday September 1, 2000 -- 10:32:24PM
Very bloated and always doing the "pee-pee dance."

FROM: Jo Anne
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 12:53:28AM
There IS a product that will do all of the previously mentioned things (and lots more!), and is non-toxic, PH balanced and bio-degradable. It is Basic-H by Shaklee Corp.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 9:45:10AM
Jo Anne, your right, someone sold me some of that stuff one time, I used it clean grout or something, do you know of anywheres to get it online, or must I track down that door-to-door salesman who sold it to me?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 11:19:35AM
Oh boy, Tony, you just asked a Shaklee salesperson where to get Basic H! :) If she doesn't see your message, I'll have her get in touch with you.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 3:28:28PM
Ryan, ya know youre right.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 7:14:42PM
I'm still hooked on DD7

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 4, 2000 -- 8:39:42PM
Matt--I'm still hooked on Ico Pro.

FROM: Tony S
DATE: Tuesday March 2, 2004 -- 4:45:34 pm
Question... I have a pickup truck with a heavy coating of lime / quary dust. Will muratic acid take that off without harming the paint? Thanks a bunch

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday March 3, 2004 -- 8:43:39 am
I actually use WD-40 to get sticky stuff off, like the goo from a price tag. It's not as fumey as goo gone. If WD-40 doesn't get the goop off, then it's usually an alcohol based adhesive, in which case go get the rubbing alcohol from the bathroom mirror cabinet. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol actually should be on the list of miracle liquids because it does all of the things you wished for, and, diluted with regular alcohol, is a libation of choice for the hardened alcoholics. Of course, I have never bothered to try 12 year old Scotch as a cleaner, but I bet it would do a nice job on cleaning, smell good, go well over rocks, and be just as about as expensive as goo gone per fluid ounce.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Wednesday March 3, 2004 -- 2:45:16 pm
What?!? No Super Blue Stuff or whatever it was called? ::having a ping flashback:: I'm shocked! I thought that stuff was like the cure for all of the world's problems by the hundreds of responses on here?!? ;) :D Maybe they went under just 'cause there wasn't a free pen with every order...

::whistling & rocking back and forth in chair nonchalantly::

Goo Gone = wicked. Although you sometimes have to work with it for quite awhile to get all of the goo off, it does the best job of about anything I've seen in the vast majority of sticky situations...

Simple Green = a fave of mine for years, got most of the family hooked on it after the first time I used it. Can't keep the stuff in the house enough now. LoL

Liquid Wrench is a good alternative to WD-40, although WD has always been a family staplemate... it's oil-based whereas Liquid Wrench isn't. Both work much the same, but LW is better on plastics from what I gather. Petroleum-based lubricant products tend to cause certain plastics to disintegrate/melt. So if you need to lubricate a plastic-based item... don't reach for the WD... you might be doing more harm than good.

No idea on the wrinkle eraser, but Orange Clean being citrus-based makes sense. Citric acid from my understanding is a great asset to many a household cleaner. I believe it's also part of the ingredients in Goo Gone, plus I believe there's citric-based dish detergents. ;)


Nothin' a little Stolichnaya can't fix in a pinch, eh? ;) ::hiccup:: Can't say it'd be cheap... but if it can put hair on your chest and burn it off as it goes down (double shot)... imagine how clean your bathroom tile could be?!?

FROM: Judy
DATE: Tuesday June 15, 2004 -- 4:49:31 pm
Help! Didn't seal the grout on the kitchen floor tile. Now it's dirty. What can I do to clean it before I seal?

FROM: Kimberly
DATE: Saturday September 11, 2004 -- 10:31:40 am
SnoBol, yep the toilet cleaner is miraculous on mant stains, especially rust, hard water, mildew or mold. I use it to clean the tub too. I dont recomend getting it on brass though. It gets all the sludge out of the tub. Infact, we cleaned my moms 20 year old concrete driveway with SnoBol and a push broom. when we were done, it looked like fresh concrete. Great Stuff!

James Shoffner August 7, 2009, 3:20 am

Can someone please tell me where in the world I can purchase DD7. It’s the best I’ve ever used. I’ve moved from San Diego, California to Lima, Peru and noone here has ever heard of it. If you can, please help me.

Thank you very much,

James Shoffner

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