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September 9th, 2000

Infocom: King of Text Adventures

One of my best memories of my old computer is playing Infocom text adventures. My favorite was one called A Mind Forever Voyaging, a time travel game that creating such vivid images in my mind that I can still picture them to this day.

A few years back I bought an incredible CD-ROM called Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces: Infocom, released by Activision. On the CD were over 30 Infocom games (including a few never before released ones) along with their PDF manuals. To this day, I still haven’t really sat down to play one all the way through like I’d intended, but I will. Soon. Really.

Included on the disc are my aforementioned favorite (though I found the original manual at home — it’s much nicer than a PDF version) as well as a number of especially well-known ones like Zork I-III (and Zork Zero), Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Head or Tail of It, Deadline, and Infidel. From a conversation Paul and I had a while back, he had mentioned seeing a 2-CD collection of Infocom games, too.

Does anyone have any particularly fond memories of this particular company’s text adventures? -ram

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