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March 27th, 2001

I Am King of Everything

In sixth grade, my friend Steve and I would take time each morning in homeroom to write up a sheet of paper that we’d hang on our teacher’s door (with his permission). On this paper we declared the “Saying of the Day,” the “Quote of the Day,” and the “National Holiday.” Exactly what the difference between the saying and quote of the day was, I’m not sure, but we used the opportunity to make fun of teachers and fellow students. Like declaring “National Make Fun of Brian Day.” Brian wasn’t happy that particular day.

It’s odd that our teacher allowed us to wield this power. He’d leave that paper hanging on his door all day, every day. I guess it was because we did it without any malice or ill intent towards anyone, and we never singled out anyone that couldn’t take a joke. But, still… I’d never trust a pair of sixth grade boys that much.

Steve even signed my yearbook referencing our daily ritual:

Saying of the day is really cool,
but your [sic] a fool.
Quote of the day is neat,
but you have ugly feet.
National Holiday is rad,
but you smell really bad.

So, in honor of… um, something… I declare today, “National Ryan is King of Everything Day.” Enjoy, and celebrate wisely. -ram

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