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November 23rd, 2004

The Worst Rebate Policy Ever

I’ve complained about rebates before. They’re a pain and I have a tough time filling them out in a timely fashion. But a couple months ago I encountered the most absurd rebate restriction ever, thanks to EP Memory (a brand I will never again buy, thanks to this experience).

While I’m used to seeing the “must be received by so-and-so date” restriction or the “must be postmarked by” restriction, EP Memory was offering a rebate where the rebate had to be postmarked within two weeks of purchase! Never mind that I bought their product mail order, so that essentially gave me a week to send it back, but the restriction was in small, small print I didn’t see it until three days after my deadline had passed. Of course, they didn’t honor the rebate.

My question is: why do this? I mean, besides the obvious reason of them being asses and not wanting to honor their rebate? Is there any possible reason that this could be considered a reasonable restriction? Why is my deadline different from someone else’s?

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Jerry February 2, 2011, 8:25 am

Worst rebate I have seen is Pep Boys. They tell you buy three tires get one for free. You are actually buying four, but they will rebate you the cost of the fourth. I bought into this program and bought four tires for my Jeep. Well it’s now been three and a half months, and I have yet to see my rebate pre paid mastercard. Plus for some unknown reason, my so called rebate is $25.00 less than the price I paid for the tire.I think they just want your money and hope you will die before it’s time to pay there rebate.

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