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June 19th, 2001

Ice Creamery Goodness

A few years back I saw a PBS special on the best ice cream places in the United States. One was in Philly that I had eaten at a few months earlier. Another was Carl’s in Fredericksburg, VA (where I went to college). The one, though, that I hadn’t been too and most wanted to check out was Penn State’s Creamery.

So, last night, I finally got to try it out. The line is similar to Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi episode: step up, state the number of servings you want and pay the cashier, move on and tell the scooper what flavor. The ice cream, though, lived up to the reputation. Very good stuff at a reasonable price (three good sized scoops cost $1.75). I had Mallo Cup, but also tried a taste of Huyen’s excellent “Bittersweet Mint” (basically, Mint Chocolate Chip).

I was hoping to have a picture of me enjoying Creamery goodness, but I forgot my camera. In any event, should you find your way to State College, no visit is complete without a trip to the Creamery. -ram

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