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June 28th, 2001

A Good Online Shopping Experience

Yes, soon I will shut up about my switching over to a Mac. Before I do, I wanted to tell you that the Apple Store offers an extremely positive shopping experience.

The first thing to note is that your order status, for all orders in the past 90 days, can be viewed at any time online. If the order has been shipped, you’ll get linked tracking numbers so you can view the detailed goodness on the shipper’s site. If the order hasn’t been completed, you’ll still get to see if it’s being processed or assembled. Nice.

Secondly, Apple seems to hire real people. With my first order, I was surprised to receive a phone call from Apple. I had chosen to ship the monitor to my work address versus home, since I’m here all day (duh!) Apple called to confirm that I really did want it shipped here. It’s their policy to call if the address doesn’t match a billing address. Again, nice. This extended to the order of my computer, which was stuck in "being reviewed" mode for two days. I called Apple and was told that, for some reason, there was a block on the processing… allegedly, there was some shipping snafu. The rep didn’t tell me to hold incessantly nor to just be patient; she removed the block, and yes, my order shipped later that day!

Along with Amazon, I think Apple offers the best total experience, start to finish. When you add in great customer service… wow. Got any recent experiences you’d like to share? Good or bad. -pm

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FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Thursday June 28, 2001 -- 1:04:47AM
Congrats on the Mac purchase, Paul. Be sure to write us a ping about how it works out when it arrives (I just bought my first modern Mac a couple of weeks ago...)

I have a really bad online shopping experience to share: last week Monday I ordered a hard drive for my Apple IIgs from Alltech Electronics. Ten days later, I have yet to hear from them: no e-mail confirmation, no credit card charge, and of course no sign of the hard drive. Their web site is down for hours at a time, but unfortunately they're the only vendor which carries this thing.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Thursday June 28, 2001 -- 1:06:43AM
Paul, I just want to say that I am SO PROUD of you for finally looking inside yourself and coming out of the closet to realize that Macs are superior to everything...

A note to everyone else: when Paul and I first began communicating, I was on a VERY OLD MAC (we're talking black and white monitor) and I recall getting made fun of. I'm glad he has finally seen the light.

Also, I am not a "computer person" and really don't care about who is using what, but it's just noteworthy when someone gives you a hard time for doing something and then later joins you in said activity.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 28, 2001 -- 7:29:13AM
Elizabeth, thanks for the unwavering support! ;) And Terry, I'll definitely fill you in.

Although I don't need to justify going Mac to anyone, I'll at least mention my reasons here. The biggest attraction is that the Mac OS makes a lot more sense to me than Windows, even though I've been using Windows (and DOS!) for a good decade now. Playing with OS X was also very positive - I love the way it works.

And then there's the hardware. I made fun of the Cube, but also started to see how it made sense. And it still does, so I bought one. The 17" flat display is just a nice touch. A system that not only look great but works just as well is what I'm after... while no computer's perfect, I have a feeling that a Mac will give me a more satisfying computer experience.

That, and I get Apple stickers.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday June 28, 2001 -- 9:32:00AM
Plus it lets others of us get PCs from those that are deciding to "go Mac." :)

DATE: Thursday June 28, 2001 -- 9:33:50AM
Are they scratch 'n' sniff Apple stickers?


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