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July 22nd, 2001

Embarrassing Ping Blunders

Capitalizing on Ryan’s Embarrassing Email Blunders yesterday, there are a couple of Ping-based blunders I’d like to share with you.

The most recent blunder was when I first set a Ping in motion on my Cube. I was using BBEdit and didn’t properly set it up to work with our files… but uploaded everything anyway, totally unaware. The result was a freakish looking Ping: only my picture and the Add Comments section appeared in the main area on the page. Everything else? Blank. It was very, very scary.

On one other occasion, I totally zapped one of my old Pings from existance while editing it. I never did recover the file, because the backups between myself and Ryan were out of sync. I ended up rewriting the original on-the-fly, because I pledged my life to the Ping, as you know. (For fun, see if you can find which one it is!) -pm

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