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November 5th, 2001

Simple, but Scary

There are only a couple things in life that I can think of that really send chills down my spine. Oddly, both of them have to do with nighttime and solitude. I wouldn’t say I’m “afraid” of the dark, persay, but maybe that being alone in a dark place puts me a little on edge.

The two creepy things? An abandoned gas station at nighttime and leaves being blown across the street (or around in a circle) by strong gusts of wind on a fall night. Eerie stuff that have both made for good shots in horror movies (gas station: Dawn of the Dead, though that was during the day; leaves on street: Halloween). -ram

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DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 9:48:03AM
Yeah, being alone in a dark place is pretty creepy for me, too. You never know what kind of psycho is waiting in the shadows...

The only other thing that I can think of that can get to me is my apartment at night. Whenever someone in the apartment next to ours is walking around, our floor boards creak, so it sounds like someone's in our apartment. That can be pretty freaky when you're lying in bed at midnight.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 11:40:04AM
Driving on backwoods roads late at night scares me because I'm sure there are deer that want to jump in front of my car.

FROM: fresh
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 2:54:01PM
suffocation and drowning suck alot too i dunno bout leaves tho seems a little pussy to me the dark can be scary tho

FROM: brant
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 4:05:16PM
one time scott, matt w, and myself were at a gas station late at night in cheverly, md. it was a very circumspect place. and then a homeless looking man said
"you wanna buy some medecine (he had a plastic bag with advil, tylenol etc...),"
then his friend said
"naw, man, they probably smoke pot anyway."
funny shit.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 6:36:53PM
I think the grammar and spelling exhibited by fresh is freaking me out.

Other than that, I remember very distinctly from my childhood several incidents of lights going out while using a public bathroom. Scared the crap out of me (please excuse the pun. Please.)

FROM: chris
DATE: Tuesday December 21, 2004 -- 5:13:51 pm
we want are you afraid of the dark but

DATE: Tuesday December 21, 2004 -- 5:14:15 pm
we want afraid of the dark back

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