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February 9th, 2002

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

One more reason to love the web: automated “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” via UVa’s Oracle of Bacon. Pick any actor or actress and watch the web connect them to Kevin Bacon using a copy of the Internet Movie Database.

Interesting fact: there are currently only 119 actors or actresses that are more than six degrees separated from Kevin Bacon (with one person clocking in at ten degrees). It would be interesting to track how this number drops with each release of a movie with Kevin Bacon in it. The furthest I was able to get was five degrees and that was using Sofia Wd from the super obscure Mystics in Bali.

Also interesting: connection any two actors or actresses. I had fun playing with this, referencing my grandfather who was an extra in a movie in the 1930s (I was the one who submitted his info to the IMDB).

The site’s been around for quite a while?six years?but it will still kill hours of your day as you try to find one of those elusive 119 people.

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