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April 14th, 2002


For the past two years, I’ve availed myself of Quicken’s TurboTax for the Web product, and I must say, I recommend it very highly.

The whole thing will cost you $20, but only when/if you file with the IRS online (or print out your return.) The TurboTax software walks you through the process, with a good deal of hand-holding but – and this is important – it doesn’t smother you with lingo and wacky terminology unless you want it to. In which case it will, like the subservient computer robots should! (cough) Anyway…

The whole process is also handy because you get a running tally of your refund, or how much you owe, at all times. So I knew that my million-dollar refund would shrink down to the paltry $8, and I’d owe the state $902, right away. The interface for TurboTax is nice and easy, and it lets you download copies of your returns in PDF format. Swell!

I was able to file my returns online with both the guv’ment and the state, and I got my refund via direct deposit just 5 days later. That’s not shabby.

Given that tomorrow is April 15, I trust that all American Pingers have gotten their taxes taken care of. But if you haven’t, you can at least hop over to TurboTax and give it a spin. Dig it.

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