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September 28th, 2002

For Whom The Road Tolls

How much do tollways cost in your state, if you have them at all?

Illinoisans have gotten used to paying 40 cents for most toll booths in the Chicagoland area. It’s a decent amount, and gives the nickel a reason to live. In return, we get mostly smooth tollways that allow us to sit in traffic further away from the city than ever before.

The Illinois Tollway Authority, however, wants to raise that rate to 75 cents. Originally they wanted to do it instantly… but it seems like when it happens, it’ll be gradually increased. I’m not sure which I like more; a graduated increase reminds me of the Post Office’s odd stamp prices. (Let’s just make stamps 50 cents and be done with it.)

But that’s not all the Tollway Authority wants, oh no! It was announced yesterday that they’ve passed a resolution that would allow companies to advertise on “anything the Tollway Authority owns… toll booths… even garbage cans.” So, I could pull up to the booth, pay a dollar in tolls, and then see an ad for the latest Britney Spears album on the trash can.

Hm. Maybe it’s not a horrible idea after all.

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