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October 3rd, 2002

Laundry Goes ‘e’

Did you have a problem doing laundry when you lived in the college dorms? Did you wait until Sunday afternoon, just like everyone else, and try to compete with 200 other people for five washing machines? Well, the kids of today are getting a glimpse of what the kids of tomorrow might know as normal: e-suds (IE only, for whatever reason, and temporarily down, apparently) esuds, a space age washing machine/dryer combo that will IM you or call your cellphone when your laundry’s done or when a machine frees up.

An article in yesterday’s CS Monitor says that these machines “even [enable] the selection and dispersal of soap and fabric softener right from the website.”

Word is that the next version will display messages to college students such as, “Geez, don’t you think it’s time to replace that ripped Zeppelin t-shirt?” and “Good Lord, son, how long has been since you’ve done laundry?”

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Ryan October 2, 2008, 2:07 pm

Amazing — the esuds page is still up. Albeit, with only a FAQ, but still…

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