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December 1st, 2002

Way Past Their Prime

People love to talk about how The Simpsons has jumped the shark, but there are a number of shows out there that are so far beyond their prime?much more so than The Simpsons?, it blows my mind that they’re still on the air…

Becker — This damn show’s been on so long but I don’t know a single person (other than Pinger Robert) that’s even seen it.

Will & Grace — Perhaps the most annoying TV show ever (in a close battle with Dharma & Greg), I thought this show’s initial “coolness” wore off years ago. Why’s it still on the air?

Just Shoot Me — ???

Frasier — The quintessential “way past its prime” show… it used to be funny, but now they’re doing hospital angles where characters are close to dying. A total load of dung.

Care to add any to the list?

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