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December 28th, 2002

Vampires in Malawi

Ryan is taking over for Paul while he puts the finishing touches on that new flame retardant zoot suit he’s been working on.

One of the strangest news stories in a while has to be the reported vampire attacks in Malawi, a southeastern African country that borders Zambia and Mozambique. The government of Malawi is doing its best to convince its people that there are no vampires, blaming opposition groups of spreading rumors to create panic. The rumor indiciated that the Malawi government is trading blood for food relief. Panic has definitely set in, as villagers have already beaten to death one man for suspicion of being a vampire and nearly lynched three priests suspected of the same thing. Sounds an awful lot like the accuasions of witchcraft in our own country a few hundred years ago.

This story isn’t quite as odd as this story (read by Pinger Dave), but it’s still up there…

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