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October 30th, 2003

Post a Photo, Get Fired

I was somewhat surprised to see a story on Slashdot about a Microsoft employee getting the axe for posting a photo on his blog. In this photo, a truck was delivering a number of Power Mac G5s to the company – as you can see here.

That day, he was fired.

It seems like the photo wasn’t well received, but more importantly he revealed where he worked on the Microsoft campus. This is his own blog, on his own webspace that he pays for. But the reaction as seen in the entry’s comments seems to be very supportive and sympathetic, making Microsoft out to be the real bad guy.

I can’t say I agree. This doesn’t feel like the time when dooce was fired. I’m not a fan of Microsoft, but this is one of those low-level business standards. This fellow posted confidential information on his personal site – which is a no-no. I sympathize with people saying, “Post anything on your blog! Go ahead!” but one must realize that there might be consequences to deal with; you can’t shuck responsibility just because it’s online.

That said, I do think that’s a sucky way to get fired.

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