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January 11th, 2004


If there was ever a product that was both Pingworthy while at the same time begging to become commercially available for general consumers, it’s the Head Bath [PDF].

The HeadBath, which looks like a showercap, is used mainly in hospitals. You microwave it for 15 seconds and then put it on the patient’s head. You rub it around a bit, like you would if you were rubbing in shampoo and when you’re done, their hair is clean and only slighty wet. Their hair can then be left to air dry or it can be towel-dried. The HeadBath works great for patients that can’t make it to a shower and it’s a lot less sloppy than using water and shampoo over a bowl. It’s like hand sanitizer for your head!

The manufacturer also makes the BedBath and PeriCare (hint: it’s not for your teeth), but clearly, the HeadBath is their most ingenious invention.

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