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February 12th, 2004

Are you a computer packrat?

Rebecca Blood wrote an insightful weblog post regarding computer storage and memory. She points out that soon, searching for information on your own computer will be more important than a search online.

With hard drive sizes getting Really Really Large and only increasing, and the sheer amount of stuff one can have, it’s really tempting to just be a packrat. I have emails on my computer from its first bootup, which was in 2001. I also have text files and some graphics that are from 1993, and I know I have floppy disks somewhere with stuff from the Dark Ages.

Recently I was talking with a co-worker on this, and she wondered why I would ever need an email from 2001. Chances are I won’t, but there’s also no impetus for me to get rid of anything; I’m using just over half of my 80GB drive (and about half of the used space is my music collection.) Thus, I’m a packrat. Are you?

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