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July 31st, 2005

The Worst Censorship

We’ve talked about movies being edited for television in years past, but on Friday night I saw what had to be the worst case of this ever.

The Sci-Fi Channel was showing the fun, campy Army of Darkness. The scene I happened to catch was one where our hero sprouts an extra head that eventually forms into an evil twin. After the evil twin forms, the two have a conversation that goes something like this.

Good Twin: Who are you?

Evil Twin: I’m Bad (blanked out), and you’re Good (blanked out).

Presumably they bleeped the word out because it was “Bad Ass” and “Good Ass.”

The thing is, it wasn’t.

The blanked out word is “Ash.” The main character’s name.

I can only hope Sam Raimi had no clue the censors were going to go insane on his film.

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