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September 2nd, 2005

Toilet Upgrade

We moved this past weekend (which explains Ryan’s reign of Pingness) into a new place that features, in our minds, the best apartment kitchen we’ve ever had. But above and beyond the kitchen there’s something else I’m pretty excited about: our toilet.

It doesn’t feature a bidet, or have a heated seat. The reason I like our new toilet so much is that it is an old toilet. And it is powerful. I won’t go into too too much detail but I can assure you that our last toilet was a two- or three-flusher for many circumstances. This guy can handle it all in one.

Our last toilet was an old toilet as well, but it was a weak little toilet. I’m happy with our new toilet. I think this one might qualify for my long-wanted bidet upgrade; it’s a keeper.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday September 2, 2005 -- 8:51:44 am
You are truly a man who appreciates the important things in life.

Seriously, the new-fangled low water consumption toilets are junk. The original design parameters required by the process of human elimination have not changed since the first toilets were designed, so why screw with it?

The truth is, as you have alluded to, the water saving toilets save no water because they require two to three flushes in order to avoid furious and hasty use of the plunger.

If you move again, take that crapper with you.

FROM: snaily
DATE: Friday September 2, 2005 -- 4:24:32 pm
yes, toilets are very important. especially public ones. i hate when i go to the bathroom in a public toilet, then flush and have to wait about 3 minutes to make sure it isnt going to overflow. i also hate when you have to hold down the handle for an indefinite amount of time before anything happens. i just want to press it and get outta there!

FROM: Bill
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 7:12:00 am
I just moved up from an Outhouse to a Porta Potty.
Life is great!!

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