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September 16th, 2005

I still haven’t listened to…

Well, now I’m embarrassed.

Three years ago (!) I wrote a Ping talking about bands and artists I felt I should be listening to, but wasn’t. While I mentioned my conversion to Wilco fan status, I also mentioned Sleater-Kinney. It’s three years later, and I still haven’t listened to them.

They’re still a band that’s on my internal “to check out” list when it comes to music, but now that it’s been three years maybe I should just give it up and go buy some Wham! albums. (Especially from when they were Wham! UK – hardcore back then, hardcore.)

Other than S-K I’ve been thinking about delving more into the blues as a genre. Living in Chicago, and all. But I still haven’t listened to enough of it to make a solid decision.

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FROM: snaily
DATE: Friday September 16, 2005 -- 5:15:59 pm
theres always those bands that make you think " why am i the only one not listening to them???" but i always say that if u have that much trouble actually getting around to listening to them, then u probably werent meant to like them.
hey does anyone here absolutely love the band Queen?

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 17, 2005 -- 3:03:15 pm
Back when I was living a few blocks from a huge used CD/tape store, I remember thinking, "wouldn't it be cool if I loved really lame music?". Because then I could get CDs for fifty cents.

And if I miss out on some band, well, I don't know what I missed, so no biggie. It might have been cool, it might not have been. On average, no loss, no gain.

I'm happy enough importing my bizarre tastes from Germany and shelling out $20 per CD every few years when those people put out more music. It just means that I am, err, "more discriminating". Not trying out new bands means you do not have to devote more brain cells towards memorizing new lyrics...

FROM: Lauren*
DATE: Sunday October 30, 2005 -- 12:11:50 pm
I LOVE Queen!! especially Bohemian Rhapsody

Paul September 16, 2006, 2:12 pm

It must be noted that I finally started listening to Sleater-Kinney a few months ago and, well, they’re pretty damn good.

One down, 293 to go….

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