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October 24th, 2005

Surprise Sores

I looked down this morning and realized I had cut my finger without even noticing it. Yesterday, I did the same thing while shaving. It’s kind of odd to find yourself bleeding and realize that you didn’t feel a thing when it happened. Does this mean I’m imperveous to pain? Could I slice into my finger and not feel it?

Ouch! Guess not.

Have you ever found yourself with a mysterious sore that you didn’t recall getting? And, Robert, please, no VD stories.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 10:14:55 am

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 10:31:34 am
All the time. Especially bruises. What vitamin should I be taking to prevent these bruises??

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 11:05:40 am
Do I smell a duplicate Ping

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 11:11:51 am
Hm, close but not quite. My Ping involves more bleeding.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 2:31:36 pm
Brilliant product idea: Oreos with red creme.


FROM: jk
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 3:56:02 pm
Ow, I mean "mmmmm..."

FROM: Monica
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 4:05:24 pm
blue s'oreos! for we who find random bruises.

(there's got to be like a 2-day delay between the cause and the bruise, I think--I can never remember what happened. But I bump into things a lot.)

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