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March 5th, 2006


Our new car has DVD navigation, something I never thought we’d get. But, we decided to go a bit overboard and get it because it might make travelling a little bit easier. Sure, maps are free from our insurance agent, but the maps don’t have a pleasant female voice telling you, “In a quarter mile, right turn.”

We’ve noticed, though, that the navigation system tends to take some, shall we say, circuitous routes. On a trip to Virginia Beach, the directions were fine until the last 20 miles or so, when it took us down smaller highways, through neighborhoods, and around back roads. Another time, it took us to a restaurant but told us to make a U-turn to get to our destination even though our destination was visible on our right. It’ll get you close, but it’s not a precise science.

So, we decided our navigation system needed a name. We chose SUSAN. And then my wife came up with the perfect meaning for her name:

Sometimes Uses Stupid Alternate Navigation.

And now we blame everything that goes wrong on SUSAN.

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