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July 14th, 2006

Never Spammed

It’s a little weird for me to praise a company which has only respected my time – a small act that every company should do – but I think it’s worth a shout out to Amazon. Why? They’ve never ever spammed me.

Like some of you, I use unique mail addresses for most shopping sites. The old stalwart,, has never gotten a piece of spam. That’s pretty impressive, as the very first order I placed with them was in December, 1998. (Wow!)

The only time they kind of slipped up was when I started getting some messages from Amazon about sales – but just one every 3 weeks or so. I logged in to change my preferences but it didn’t seem to take; it turned out to be a weird interface issue instead of evil.

Google claims that they’re not evil but when it comes to things besides ridiculous patents, Amazon is up there with ’em.

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