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August 5th, 2006

Why WTC Will Suck

United 93 got some press when it came out, spurning everyone to ask, “It is too soon?” Critics almost universally praised it for its sensitive handling of the issue and not taking any sides, just simply telling the story. Next week, World Trade Center is due out and is bound to evoke some of the same responses. But it’s going to suck and should never hit the theatres. There are two reasons why.

Nicolas Cage and Kirsten Dunst.

Yes, I think they’re both terribly annoying actors, but the reason their involvement will kill this movie is their fame. United 93 did well with critics because it didn’t use any well-known actors. Thus, it felt less “Hollywood” and more like everyday people you’d sit with on a plane. But with WTC, you’ve got the slick production with famous actors and–at least it seems this way from the trailers–a painfully hokey script. I don’t care how much it’s base on reality — it’s not going to feel like it.

So, Hollywood, let’s cool it with the 9/11-related movies unless you can keep it respectful and keep it from feeling like a big budget production where you spent more time trying to secure a Name Actor than the nuances of the script.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 5, 2006 -- 11:25:57 am
I dig Nicolas Cage most of the time, but Kirsten Dunst instantly makes me retch. The only thing worse would be Lindsay Lohan as a distraught, fireman's wife.

United 93 worked, not only because the story was extremely sensitive to everyone involved, but the nameless actors forced you to stop looking at the "stars" acting, but rather focus on the grand scheme of the storyline.

We should just have Gilbert Gottfried do a cameo as a policeman, and just go completely over the top.

FROM: David
DATE: Saturday August 5, 2006 -- 10:38:55 pm
Looks like you really only have one reason. Kirsten Dunst is not in this movie. Sorry.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 5, 2006 -- 11:24:17 pm
Wait, what? Then who the heck is the girl we see in the trailer with the panicked look on her face?

Ah, it appears to be Maggie Gyllenhaal. You've gotta admit, she looks a lot like Ms. Dunst in that shot. Here, too!

Oh well. For me, Nicolas Cage is a big enough reason to stay away.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 5, 2006 -- 11:59:41 pm
...and Kirsten Dunst still makes me retch, no matter what movie she's in.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Monday August 7, 2006 -- 10:17:38 am
I think we need to see some lesser known actors and actress in movies today.

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