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September 20th, 2006

Enough Wit’ Da Accents!

Listening to the radio, I heard a commercial for a national bank chain. They were talking up their many branch locations here (“A unique city deserves a unique bank!”) from Generic Announcer Guy interspersed with allegedly local people talking about banks and life in Chicago.

Thing is, all of these people sounded like voiceover artists from Central Casting and not actual Chicagoans.

I can’t say if they were or not, but it bugged me. I know we have accents here. But the exaggerated Chicago accent? Isn’t a way to sell stuff to Chicagoans. That’s what you use if you’re trying to sell deep-dish pizza to someone in Omaha. Sure, go for it (but avoid Old Chicago.) I found this a bit annoying. Just a bit. Pingy bit.

I wonder if this chain has people in Boston talking about “Beantown” (which I understand no one there actually calls it) in a heavy accent. Or New Yorkers. Or… well, you name it. And I wonder if there’s someone in one of those towns who finds it Pingnoying, too.

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Monica September 20, 2006, 1:43 pm

maybe they were interviewing all Rocky Roccoco relatives for the Chicago commercial 😉

Steve A September 20, 2006, 5:19 pm

It *could* be worse. They could have pulled some “Bubba” from my area to do your voice over. It even makes _me_ shudder.


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