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April 2nd, 2010

Food Misses

This morning I stopped by one of 27 local Starbucks locations to get coffee and a mid-morning snack. I opted for a slice of reduced fat chocolate chip banana bread, which sounded pretty good.

When I started eating it though, I noticed the texture was a little… off. It wasn’t the flaky baked treat I was expecting but rather had a thicker mouthfeel. (Sorry, but “mouthfeel” was totally appropriate there.) And then I noticed that it had the consistency of chewing gum.

As I posted on Twitter, I’m not sure exactly how Starbucks was able to engineer banana bread to taste like chewing gum… but they did it! They finally did it. And as a bonus, it had roughly 8.2 million percent of a day’s sugar intake. Although it didn’t taste sweet at all.

It’s a bummer when you’re interested in a food and it turns out to be wholly unsatisfying and/or weird.

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