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January 30th, 2001

Job cuts galore.

This is nothing but bad news.

Freightliner: 1085 jobs.
DaimlerChrysler: 25000 jobs.
AT&T Broadband: "hundreds" of jobs.
Xerox: 4000 jobs.
CareScience: 22 jobs.
Disney Internet Group: 400 jobs.
HP: 1700 jobs.
WorldCom: up to 15% of its 77000-person workforce.
Lucent: 16000 jobs .
Sara Lee: 7000 jobs.
AOL Time Warner: 2500 jobs.

With growth near zero, I think we’re recession-bound. Yet it almost seems like the vibe out of everyone is that everything is still okay… but tell that to any of the people included in the numbers above. Very strange. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday January 30, 2001 -- 9:56:46AM
All of those people need

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday January 30, 2001 -- 12:05:49PM
All this recession and job cuts type of stuff is planned out years in advance by the powers that be i.e. the Illuminati. So when it happens it should be no surprise to anyone. Especially if it deals with companys that consolidated their product and merged. Thats the New World Order if I've ever seen it.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday January 30, 2001 -- 12:27:34PM
Does anyone else think it's ironic that a company called CareScience in fact doesn't care about 22 former employees?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday January 30, 2001 -- 1:13:17PM
Things like this come in cycles... the economy will pick back up again and then fall yet again later. This is the roughest it's been for a while, but we'll come through it eventually. I hope.

FROM: Chris Sutor
DATE: Wednesday January 31, 2001 -- 2:59:09AM
As a general rule, the economy is never as good as they tell you it is on the nightly news, and the worse it gets, the more pressure is likely to be put on the general population, by the media, to believe that everything's okay. After all, if people sudenly realise just how bad things are, they might decide to SAVE their money instead of spend it. And if the whole country decides they need to start saving money and stop buying luxury items, that means that much less being sunk into the ever-shrinking economy. And since the corporations which rely upon that influx of new money are the same ones which control the media, whether through outright ownership, or through purchasing power of commercial airtime, the media will always have a very strong pro-purchase slant.

I don't believe the 80's recession ever actually ended. I just think they stopped reporting on it in the hopes nobody would notice...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday January 31, 2001 -- 12:06:55PM
Another one for the list: 1300 people

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Wednesday January 31, 2001 -- 3:43:01PM
I work for one of a the companies you listed above. Lets just say the feel around here isn't very positive. I think they are forcing a lot of people into retirement so they can hire new grads at half the wages of the retirees. This actually may be good for a company with an aging workforce. The problem is that they are not only cutting jobs, but budgets as well so they won't be rehiring much if any.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Thursday February 1, 2001 -- 3:19:45AM
I just tendered my resignation letter to my employer today. Ahhh, sweet liberation.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:07:35 pm

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