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January 30th, 2001

Job cuts galore.

This is nothing but bad news.

Freightliner: 1085 jobs.
DaimlerChrysler: 25000 jobs.
AT&T Broadband: "hundreds" of jobs.
Xerox: 4000 jobs.
CareScience: 22 jobs.
Disney Internet Group: 400 jobs.
HP: 1700 jobs.
WorldCom: up to 15% of its 77000-person workforce.
Lucent: 16000 jobs .
Sara Lee: 7000 jobs.
AOL Time Warner: 2500 jobs.

With growth near zero, I think we’re recession-bound. Yet it almost seems like the vibe out of everyone is that everything is still okay… but tell that to any of the people included in the numbers above. Very strange. -pm

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