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September 12th, 2001

September 11 2001

Use this Ping as discussion, reflection, or the like about yesterday’s tragedy. – Paul and Ryan

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 9:16:43AM
Something that's impressed me is that all of the major talk/shock radio that broadcasts from New York City (Stern, Don and Mike, Opie and Anthony, and Ron and Fez) all were on the air yesterday (and today) talking with their listeners about what happened. It got emotional, and the hosts let it. Commendable work by all of those guys.

DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 9:44:04AM
It took me until about 11:00 or so last night to realize it, but I'd been watching TV all day. We were let out of work and I got home around 11:10 or so and started watching TV then and didn't stop until I went to bed. Even when they were saying the same things over and over again. I haven't done that in forever...

FROM: Chris Shaver
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 11:23:55AM
I did the same thing. I had the tv on in the living room with the sound on on one channel, I was on the computer and I positioned the tv in the bedroom so I could watch it from our computer desk. I first heard about the attacks while running errands. I couldn't get it through my head what had happened until I could see it on tv. Even that only helped so much. Katherine and I went to a prayer service at our church in the evening. That was a helpful break. I feel I have more strength to deal with the continuing news.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 11:41:00AM
I pretty much had the TV on all day, too. I was alternating between my computer desk and couch, though - I stayed online and watched sites like Scripting News, and all of the blogs, which seemed to serve a really purposeful role.

Yesterday Jeani and I went out to get dinner and fill up the car with gas - just to get out for a while. The roads were quiet, but the gas stations were jammed. Downstate, gas stations were in fact charging between $3 and $5 per gallon for gas - for no good reason. Here, the prices were still under $2.

We listened to NPR in the car, and then watched the coverage till about 11:30 when we called it a night. But it was tough for either of us to sleep.

FROM: dave
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 1:42:24PM
I got lots of calls and email...wondering if I was okay. Thankfully I don't ususally go to the Pentagon.

I haven't been to work yet today, I've been shuffled around. I think by the time I get back I'll know about my colleagues' fate.

As I wrote to a good friend today, each generation has one defining tragedy. The boomers have JFK, my generation (Generation X?) has the space shuttle. How will this generation turn out, the one defined by 9-11?

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 2:54:57PM
I equate rasing the price of gas now, when there is no shortage or sign of shortage, to an attempt to make money off of the tragedy. If it was up to me, raising gas prices (outside that of possible rising supply costs) in times of crisis would be a criminal offense. Same would go for all products.

Understanding that this is a opportunistic capitalist society, I do not think that I am wrong in saying that gas stations are acting immorally and using a tragedy as an exscuse to reap higher profits. Sick, greedy bastards.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 3:13:42PM
I was awaken and told the news and caught the Pentagon right after it happened. I ended up watching tv almost all day. The day flew by, the fastest one I have ever remembered. Church service was incredible last night, in spite of what had gone on the Holy Spirits presence was incredibly strong.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 3:16:52PM
I forgot to mention this: on monday night before I went to bed I had one of the strongest feelings that I have ever had in my life that something huge was going to happen on tuesday. I felt that what would happen would ultimately involve the mid-east and our relations there and that it would ultimately also effect our civil liberties here stateside. I am so glad that I was kind of prepared for it, with that God given feeling.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 3:25:14PM
Pat -- 100% agreed.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 3:32:31PM
I left work for a while to go to see the doctor, and I caught a little of 'Don and Mike'. One caller said that the Washington Times telemarketers are calling around offering cheap(er) subscriptions "in the event of this tragedy" (sorry, I forgot the actual wording, but it was something to that effect). Talk about ridiculous opportunistic bastards! So much for the Times being taken seriously at the "conservative alternative" to the Post.

FROM: brant
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 6:52:16PM
perhaps america is not so invulnerable after all. it is defiantely the sort of thing that i never would have forseen in my lifetime, or maybe i just didnt want to believe it.

now, it rests int he hands of our incometent president. once as many lives are saved as possible its time to find the bastards who did this and rip their balls off.

FROM: Chris Shaver
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 8:13:20PM
I have tried to have a more normal day today. I have had the tvs on all day buy I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, played with the dogs, went to a job interview. I feel good about our President and the members of Congress, thus far. I am glad Congress is taking its time to deliberate the Resoloution before it. I am concerned about reprisals (sic) against Arab-Americans. I heard a report about the man arrested in Rhode Island for carrying a knife. The report that I heard said that he doesn't have any association at all with the attacks but that as he was being driven away in a police cruiser a group of teenagers ran after the cruiser yelling that they wanted to kill him. I hope that we as Americans are able to control our (justified) anger and direct it against those actually responsible.

FROM: brant
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 11:53:17PM
yes chris i agree with you. the last thing that this situation needs to escalate to is the altering of american life for arab-americans as occurred with the japanese-americans during ww2. if that happens we both lose. there are only a select few responsible and it is thye who must be punished.

FROM: Katherine
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 12:18:45AM
I've felt really down all day, and have been trying to think of something I could actually _do_ that would be meaningful. I have checked out the blood donation option... the places here are packed and with my schedule this week, I can't make it work out. I will, however, be sure to give blood in the next week or two. I am a member of MyPoints and I just donated some of my points to the Red Cross. I heard something today about people tying yellow ribbons onto their cars, and I heard on NPR that hardware stores were selling out of U.S. flags. The yellow ribbon idea is good, I think... Does anyone have any new ideas for things we could do that might make a small (or large) difference?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 12:41:36AM
The flags or ribbons are good, as they are a symbol of solidarity with your fellow Americans. As far as other ideas: money to relief efforts ( has raised over $1.7 million for the Red Cross in the last day), prayers, and being nice to other people you encounter -- we're all stressed and a smile goes a long way, as cheesy as it sounds.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 1:51:46AM
My plan of action for retaliation is two fold:
1) Collect funds from the Cash Money Millionaires for the upcoming retaliation effort
2) Send out the No Limit Soldiers to execute the strike

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 1:53:51AM
Their war chant can be "Bling-Bling, Holla Holla"

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 1:57:00AM
all the things you suggested are things we should be doing as children of God everyday already.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 9:46:34AM
Good ideas. ;)

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday September 13, 2001 -- 11:45:59AM
How to retaliate? After the shock wore down, I got angry. "Kill 'em all!" was what I was thinking. "No one can do this to the U.S." But from a moral and religious standpoint, what good would more killing do? It still baffles me that anyone, anywhere could think of purposely crashing airplanes into civilian targets, much less when they were occupied. What could anyone benefit from this? We're dealing with people that are sick, evil, and pointless. How long until they poison our water supply or release chemical weapons? There's no reasoning with people who find pleasure in death and destruction. Retaliation: let's throw reasoning out the window then act. These terrorists know no other way and will never stop until we do. Peace on Earth... not in my lifetime.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday September 14, 2001 -- 12:56:48AM
The poisoning of water would be the first thing I would do if I were a terrorist. Yes we need to rip these groups to shreds from the root. If we want to continue to live, then it will take the loss of some lives that don't value life like we do.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday September 14, 2001 -- 12:31:39PM
Saw this online in Reuters new service.


Nearly seven out of 10 Americans supported military action against the groups or countries responsible for the attacks, even if that meant a long war with heavy U.S. casualties, the poll found.

Casualties means DEAD people. Dead brothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, friends, neighbors... You would think by 2001 there was another alternative to killing people to get your point across.

FROM: Chris Shaver
DATE: Saturday September 15, 2001 -- 12:34:57AM

Count me among the 7 out of the ten. There are already casualties, which could number into the five digits. This was an attack on the U.S. on a larger scale than the sinking of the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor. After the '93 bombing of the WTC we spent 5 years investigating and putting the bombers on trial. Apparently it wasn't much of a deterent. The people who planned Tuesday's attack aren't going to stop until they are dead and its not going to be easy to find and kill them. It is going to take a war, possibly a protracted one. It's a sad truth but reality nonetheless.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday September 15, 2001 -- 2:33:15AM
There is never any alternative to war in this World we live in. At least not until Revelations have all been fulfilled.

FROM: Katherine
DATE: Saturday September 15, 2001 -- 4:59:14PM
My mom remarked to me the other night that "if there's no longer anything we care enough about that we'd be willing to die for it, then we're in sad shape." An interesting thought given that the hijackers who caused this tragedy certainly cared enough to die. Shouldn't we as Americans be able to muster the same concern for our country and our fellow citizens?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday September 16, 2001 -- 4:19:10PM
Note to anyone else in the DC area: The damaged section of the Pentagon is in plain view from 395 North toward the 14th St bridge. (But, for the love of crimony, don't stop and get out and don't rubberneck from the highway!) Seeing the destruction on TV is, obviously, nothing like seeing it in real life. Last night, it hit me for real just how scared I should/could be that terrorism happened this close to where I live.

FROM: Franko
DATE: Monday September 17, 2001 -- 9:10:14AM
I co-worker and even bigger ping recluse than I found this gem. Anyone else see this? That's as shameless as it gets. I guess this one simple heathen is responsible for everything that went down, and for that I am truly sorry.

FROM: dave
DATE: Monday September 17, 2001 -- 3:50:08PM
That article absolutely disgusts me.

I turned away from religion long ago because of political crap just like that. Hearing things like this only hinders the long journey back to faith I have only recently begun.

How does one become a TV preacher anyway? Correspondence school?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday September 17, 2001 -- 3:52:15PM
dave: It's gotta be all about the green.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Tuesday September 18, 2001 -- 1:17:37PM
I found this article referenced on /. to be quite insightful and thought-provoking.

Written in June of this year by an Iranian film maker, it discusses the history and state of Afghanistan and its relationship with Iran and Pakistan. The article also provides a different view of the Taliban, one which I haven't seen given in mainstream media.

The Kid March 21, 2007, 3:51 pm

Wow… I just read this ping and think about this specially all the people in favor of the war, and look at us 6 years later, Saddam is out and dead, Iraq in civil war, 3500+ American servicepersons dead already… whats next?
And this subject touches me specially because 9/11 its my birthday…

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