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November 3rd, 2001

Krackel v.s. Crunch

Introducing first, the “Crisped Rice in Milk Chocolate,” from Hershey, PA: Hershey Krackel!

Introducing second, the “Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice,” from Switzerland: Nestlé Crunch!

Krackel v.s. Crunch


Krackel: Though thinner than the Crunch bar, Krackel still packs a punch. It has one of candy’s most addicting flavors and it keeps you coming back for more. The consistency is just right. Perhaps Hershey didn’t build the Krackel bar as thick as the Crunch bar on purpose.

Crunch: “Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice” emphasizes the chocolate over the crisped rice, which is appropriate because the Nestlé Crunch is a much thicker bar than Hershey’s Krackel. Interestingly, the crunch factor is greater in the Crunch bar due to larger pieces of crisped rice. Though Hershey is known Stateside for good chocolate, Nestlé is Swiss. Word has it that the Swiss Miss has been dating Mr. Crunch, which could affect his performance tonight.


The decision was difficult. Even though you get more crunch for the dollar with Nestlé’s bar, there’s something missing. Perhaps it’s the fact that after eaching a Crunch bar, you feel like you’ve done something wrong, like you’ve broken your diet (even if you’re not on one), while after eating a Krackel, it only seems like a minor indulgence and you’re ready for another.

It was a close bout, going the distance, but the winner is Krackel, by a split decision.


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