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November 3rd, 2001

Krackel v.s. Crunch

Introducing first, the “Crisped Rice in Milk Chocolate,” from Hershey, PA: Hershey Krackel!

Introducing second, the “Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice,” from Switzerland: Nestlé Crunch!

Krackel v.s. Crunch


Krackel: Though thinner than the Crunch bar, Krackel still packs a punch. It has one of candy’s most addicting flavors and it keeps you coming back for more. The consistency is just right. Perhaps Hershey didn’t build the Krackel bar as thick as the Crunch bar on purpose.

Crunch: “Milk Chocolate with Crisped Rice” emphasizes the chocolate over the crisped rice, which is appropriate because the Nestlé Crunch is a much thicker bar than Hershey’s Krackel. Interestingly, the crunch factor is greater in the Crunch bar due to larger pieces of crisped rice. Though Hershey is known Stateside for good chocolate, Nestlé is Swiss. Word has it that the Swiss Miss has been dating Mr. Crunch, which could affect his performance tonight.


The decision was difficult. Even though you get more crunch for the dollar with Nestlé’s bar, there’s something missing. Perhaps it’s the fact that after eaching a Crunch bar, you feel like you’ve done something wrong, like you’ve broken your diet (even if you’re not on one), while after eating a Krackel, it only seems like a minor indulgence and you’re ready for another.

It was a close bout, going the distance, but the winner is Krackel, by a split decision.


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FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday November 3, 2001 -- 8:12:29AM
I think Ryan is confusing Krackel with Crack again.

FROM: frank0
DATE: Saturday November 3, 2001 -- 10:14:25AM
Wrong. It's a well-known fact that Rice Krispy Treats are the best crisped rice-based refreshment.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday November 3, 2001 -- 11:18:05AM
You better enjoy both now, Ryan, before you go vegan.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Saturday November 3, 2001 -- 1:45:06PM
What? Ryan's going vegan? In that case you can check out They have a fine selection of chocolates, including vegan imitations of Whatchamacallits, Reese's cups and Almond joy. Mmmmmmm, vegan.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday November 3, 2001 -- 4:45:43PM
Well, I don't know for sure, but he's a veggieboy now and going vegan is the next step, if one chooses to take another step.

And for my money, Mr Goodbar beats both. Nuts can't lose.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 12:18:46AM
Elizabeth -- Not vegan yet... but someday, perhaps (see the Veg Blog for a full response to this question I get frequently).

Robert -- Mr. Goodbars are mighty fine, too...

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 3:28:59PM

Could you put up a video of the fight. I couldn't seem to get it on HBO and don't see it anywhere in the listings.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday November 5, 2001 -- 4:11:52PM
Unfortunately, I forgot to tape it from PPV. You should have seen the end, though -- chocolate was everywhere. The ring was a mess.

FROM: Steve-O
DATE: Wednesday November 7, 2001 -- 10:46:27AM
For my money (and that ain't much):
N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestle's makes the very best... chocolate.

Nestle's also owns Stouffer Foods, Inc., manufacturer of my favorite delicacy, Stouffer's French Bread Pizza. Two of those, a bottle of caffiene-free Pepsi and an NBA game and I'm set.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday November 7, 2001 -- 12:35:48PM
Awesome, Steve-O. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only conflicted individual who drinks diet soda while eating decidedly non-diet candy bars. No b-ball or micropizza for me, though...

FROM: Laura
DATE: Tuesday August 16, 2005 -- 11:34:20 am
Krackel is the best!'s my fav. candy bar, sadly I found out from my bf who went to Hershey and asked, they stopped making it....except for in those variety pack things.....R.I.P. Krackel 1938-2005.....

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday August 16, 2005 -- 7:57:28 pm
In my 35 years of life, I don't recall ever seeing Krackel in any size but the teeny size in the variety packs. Maybe Hershey didn't market it well. There must be others like me for whom it's a surprise to find out that there was a full size version of Krackel.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday August 16, 2005 -- 9:46:48 pm
Wow, how did I miss this Ping? Crunch wins, no question. I do not like Hershey's chocolate because it is waxy, the exception being the Skor bar.

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