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July 6th, 2002

Please Don’t Eat the Daisies

Occasionally I’ll get a random childhood memory stuck in my head and, being the co-author of a wildly successful Internet Web Site, it becomes my duty to share it with you. Today, it’s the TV show Please Don’t Eat the Daisies.

Everything I remember about the show is hooked into its intro, which involved an animated sheepdog eating a daisy. It was the 60s, man. Everything else I remember about the show? Well… it was a sitcom… and it was in color. That’s it.

The only other association I made with the show was Daisy Brand Sausage. When I was young and I’d go to the supermarket with my mother, I’d notice the Daisy Sausage in the meat case (yum!) Somehow, in my head, this was twisted into “Please don’t eat the Daisy Brand Sausage.” Yes, I was doing marketing at the age of 6.

Sadly, this page on the show didn’t spark up any other memories for me. Why would I be watching this show in the first place? Was television that bad in the early 1980s? Well, don’t answer that.

Does anyone else remember this show at all, and have any specifics on it?

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FROM: Ben Grimm
DATE: Saturday July 6, 2002 -- 6:02:52 pm
I'm interested in hearing more about your "wildly successful Internet Web Site". Could you please give us the address?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday July 9, 2002 -- 4:17:26 pm
This show used to come on in reruns on Sunday mornings in the early eighties. My recollection is about as complete as yours. I remember the beginning, and I remember the dog, and that it was in color. The only thing else I can remember is that the woman in the show was forever talking to a portrait of a man who I knew was a sea captain lost at sea. I don't know whether he was her father or whether she was his widow and the kids were his and hers or what. I think I only paid enough attention to it to figure out whether it was ending or not so I could tell about when the lame but better than nothing Sunday cartoons or the even worse claymation Davey with the tiresome moralistic overtones would come on.

FROM: Anthony Liguori
DATE: Tuesday July 30, 2002 -- 12:46:12 pm
Joseph, I'm not positive, but I think you've just described the tv show "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"?

FROM: Charles
DATE: Monday December 5, 2005 -- 9:32:57 pm
Growing up, I thought the show was cool for its time. The mother's character was scatter-brained and talkative. Mom could have easily been played by Michelle Lee if not for Pat Crowley. The father reminded me of my dear old cousin who was in the navy. I think I related best to the twins, Trevor and Tracey. Well, the show kept me entertained for 30 minutes and there was alot of cool programming like Bewitched and Lost in Space that flourished from that era. Of note, its seems to be that when you have twins in a sitcom, it's a hit with viewers.

FROM: Ron Sherman
DATE: Saturday February 18, 2006 -- 9:08:38 am

FROM: Mike G
DATE: Monday February 27, 2006 -- 11:54:45 pm
Hey does anyone remember the mother from please don't eat the daisy's ?
If I remeber correctly she was quiet attractive , and didn't she have and English accent ? How can I get a dvd of the show ? But refresh my memory if she was sexy looking , if I do recall correctly she was kinda hot. So if anyone has any answers to this please let me know.

FROM: Doc Hamm
DATE: Monday March 20, 2006 -- 12:27:33 am
OMG! I haven't seen this show since I was a kid! Folks, the star was Doris Day and it was done in the 50's. Actors: Doris Day, Stephen Boyd, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye and Dean Jagger. My own mother had the hard cover book from the show.. I think it even might still be around here somewhere!

Thanks for that great memory lane trip!

For those seeking to rekindle that fun past, check out the DVD set available on

Wanna really show your age? How many people remember Jerry Van Dyke's first show? It only aired one season. Oh how he hated that show!

FROM: titi
DATE: Wednesday April 26, 2006 -- 9:55:05 am
yes who has the recipe for the dutch wagon pretzels would like to try it at home .thanks

FROM: Cath
DATE: Thursday August 17, 2006 -- 1:09:25 pm
Wasn't Jerry Van Dyke's first tv show "My Mother, the Car?" And Ann Southern was the voice of "Mother!"

Joyce June 9, 2007, 2:28 pm

I love that I found somebody to talk too. I mean about Please Dont Eat The Daisies! Trivia Ques needed answered. What was the Sheepdogs name?? The movie was with Doris Day, But the sitcom or series on t.v. was with Pat Crowley.
Oh, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was a great one. I cant believe Im gonna be 50 and I think Im too young to remember these things!! My favorite was Johnny Questand yes I remember vaguely Van Dykes first show. Theres a whole slue of them:
Combat, Gidget, Outer Limits, Dark Shadows, It takes a Thief, Man From Uncle, Soupy Sales. Top Cat, Bilko, Mchales Navy, Magilla Gorilla, F Troop, *Voyage to The Bottom of The sea, Lost In Space, Family Affair, That Girl, The Time tUnnel, Hogans Heros, Red Skelton, Eddies Father and Wild, Wild West.
I think this was great television! Its better then the reality shows and crap we have now. Next to Denny Crane. and Rescue Me, All these can be found at Movies unlimited and deep discounts. Like Alf and Fraggle Rock too. good watching.

Jaime another 50+er March 23, 2009, 5:11 am

Dude… I thought I was the only one missing this show … and many more, they just dont make them like they use to. I think they ought to start a tv station called the
“Over 50s Club TV” Jaime

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