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April 8th, 2003

Best Showrooms

A number of years ago, I was taking a 3D design class in college. Our teacher brought in slides one day of some very cool buildings. They were part of the Best store chain, and had some of the most unique architecture I had seen in quite some time.

Since then, I’ve been searching in vain for more information on these buildings. I found it strange that it was difficult to get this info from the web – but it was, until yesterday. Good blogger Jerry Kindall reposted a link from MetaFilter that featured, yes, Best Showroom Architecture.

And since I read the article and saw the pictures yesterday, I have been in awe. I absolutely love these buildings, and want to get as much information on them as possible. So good. So very good. How can you not love this?

I am really intrigued by the idea of challenging architecture in the suburbs, and it’s a shame to learn that most of these buildings are gone, replaced by simple big boxes.

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