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December 4th, 2008

YouTube Gets Intrusive

It was bound to happen: YouTube is starting to become a little more intrusive with its Google-ness.

The most obvious example is visible on any page with an embedded video. There’s now a Goo… er, YouTube search bar at the top of every video. This bar scoots out of the way while a video is playing but otherwise it’s there by default. It can be turned off, thankfully, but it ain’t intuitive.

Then there are the ads within videos. I’ve seen more lately, which may be a pure coincidence, but having pop-up-style ads in videos seems to be the way forward. I thought we were all trying to get away from this type of thing by watching video on the internet. Right?

Hulu seems to do it right with ads in part because the expectations are different. YouTube has a fine line to walk here, but really, if they do something foolish will people flock to Vimeo?

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Aanen December 4, 2008, 6:15 pm

I hate having to watch a 2 minute ad to watch a 1 minute clip and haven’t been able to skip the ad either

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