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May 30th, 2010

Forced focus

This article about a multitasking member of modern society making it a point to focus on only a single task at a time for an entire month is a really fun read. I think even the most luddite of us notice that our attention is being pulled in many directions, both in terms of creating content and consuming it. And sometimes, it’s forced on us. We’re expected to always be available, ready to be interrupted. Those in IT especially feel the need to be interrupt-driven in their work.

But the author of this piece physically tied himself to a chair to force himself to finish a task, at one point. To make it worse, he worked from home, so distractions from TV, his wife, and his child made it especially difficult for him to focus.

Anyway, it’s a great read. Load it up and give it a looksie. (Admission: I’ve already stopped and restarted the article three times.)

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