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September 28th, 2005

Oh Boy, Tires!

In perusing online car ads, it’s not uncommon to find a long list of features. You’ll see things like “power windows”, “power locks”, and “power heated and air-cooled seats” (ooooh!)

But there’s one that really gets me every time I see it: “radial tires.” Come on. Do you know what that means? Do you? That means that the car comes with tires that have been made in the last thirty years. And sure, there are other tires out there, but showing “radial tires” as a feature is like saying “dual headlights”, “front and rear brakes”, or “seats”. It’s pretty much standard.

Incidentally, if you find a car without headlights… let me know.

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FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 10:04:17 am
My brother's Phaeton has the air-cooled seats. They are pretty remarkable!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 10:39:58 am
But does it have radial tires?

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 4:12:11 pm
I was just commenting to someone the other day how I would like to have a car with candles as headlights.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 5:29:11 pm
...or turn signals, not that anyone uses them.

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 10:49:21 pm
No tires on the Phaeton. It's a sled.

Aren't turn signals optional on most cars now?

How about pumpkins as headlights?

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Thursday September 29, 2005 -- 5:14:51 pm
What kind of phaeton is it?

We have a tire on our antique car (1931) over 40 years old and still drive on it

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Thursday September 29, 2005 -- 8:17:22 pm
Just to straighten things out...
You mean, the CAR is a 1931 model, and the TIRE is over 40 years old.

FROM: aanen
DATE: Thursday October 6, 2005 -- 9:26:24 pm
yes that's right

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